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Preparative Chromatography Systems DAC/M/HPLC/SAC/Gels

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CPhI China 2015 & Circumstance
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Leading with Quality, Performance and Cost :
We(Gelai_ABDC) are a global technology and marketing team, with continuous efforts for more than 20 years ,
cooperating seamlessly with all users in research institutions, industry, universities, for their practical demands, and successfully developed DAC M/HPLC systems with independent intellectual properties.

          1. More than >500 large & Total > 2100 systems installed, with abundant high throughput, high efficiency large-scale DAC-HPLC experiences for more than 15 years.                    
2. Dedicated optimized Dynamic Axial Compression Column(DAC Column) design, approaching high resolution from the analytical HPLC column.
3. Middle/High pressure Gradient Pump(M/HPLC Pumps) capability, with precision screw module that promise very stable & precise mobile phase output.
4. 1/2 to 2/3 cost, very helpful to optimized budgets controls, especially for cost management for acquiring more equipment.
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System Design Qualification & Verification(DQ,IQ,OQ,PQ) :
Please contact for specific system configurations.

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The Pump and Detector Assembling:

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The DAC M/HPLC retains and scale-up the very mature and stable separation technologies of the analytical High Performance Liquid chromatography(HPLC) system, and has become the predominate purification preparation methods with highest separation power and resolutions in many fields, as biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, natural products, organic synthesis, fine chemicals, preparation of standards, and food ingredients fields, etc.

Factory Facility:

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System Modules:

  • Diameter ID25.4mm, 41.4mm, 50mm, 77mm, 80mm, 100mm, unique semi-preparative/preparatory chromatography columns(prePacked Column / SAC Column),

  • DAC-ID100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 400mm, 600m, 800m, 1000,1200mm, the Dynamic Axial Compression column systems(DAC Column)

  • GLP-100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, 5000ml Preparative High-Pressure Gradient Solvent Delivering Pump systems(M/HPLC Pumps)

and other ancillary products, forming a complete set of chromatography systems from laboratory to mass
preparative productions. 

System Accuracy & Optimizations:
Our Various types of accurate middle to high pressure Solvent Delivering Pumps(M/HPLC Pumps), can respectively withstand nearly 6000-3000psi, with extremely small flowing pulse <= 1Bar(0.1Mpa), which means that the users can convert and scale-up most of the separation conditions form analytical HPLC to our preparative M/HPLC systems with DAC, SAC or pre-Packed columns. 

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Our DAC/SAC Columns is optimally designed with patented Forced Fluid Path Distributing technology both for the column inlet and outlet, making more uniform and stable fluid path distributing.

As the most helpful technology and business partner for advanced technology manufacturers and laboratories, We offer the ability to closely integrate customized developments.

We develope and manufacture preparative HPLC/MPLC systems with same or better functionality and durability, saving nearly 1/2-2/3 cost for equipments and consumables.

Two Axial Compression Column Technologies :
1.Dynamic Axial Compression:
The column and packing module are intergarted and work together.

The piston head pressure is monitored continuously in chromatography process, and will be dynamically pressed tighter along the axis in response and sensitive to minor pressure declines.
It is an optimized closed loop feedback control system that will always maintains uniform column resolution and performance, until the packing material is contaminated after a long period of time.

2. Static Axial Compression:
The column and packing module(Packing Station) are seperated and work independently.
The column is first filled with chromatography media packing material in the Packing Station
with required pressure.  The column is then taken apart from the Packing Station, and
connect to a configured chromatography system to work.
In response to pressure declines, the column piston head could be re-pressured manually by
a planetary gear reducer or by the extension of a build-in spring.
The planetary gear reducer column has no stroke limit and material fatigue
drawbacks as that from the build-in spring type column, and does not degrade the column resolution and performance by itself.

The Advantages of our DAC Columns :

1. The solvent manipulation and gradient alternations all may dynamically cause the packing particles to swell or shrink. And hence only the DAC can response rapidly to recover from these fluctuations.

2. The DAC always dynamically maintains pressure equilibrium in axial direction of the DAC column.

When the packing bed loosing occurs, the piston will be pressured immediately to maintain homogenous column packing bed to maintain stable column efficiency, and to prevent peak from tailing and shape changes.

3. The DAC mechanism is more stable and reproducibable, and produces best product purity and recovery rate.

4. The column packing bed can sustain stable in very long term,

5. Routine column inner diameter from 50mm to reache a 1200mm maximum.

6. Small packing sphere sizes as 5 microns that will almost achieve the same separation efficiency of the analytical columns.

7. The packing functionality have been built in the DAC system for user's own packing in the equipment location.

8. Composed of durable parts for prolonged applications, including gas-driven magnification pumps, durable transmission hydraulic oil, compression piston. etc.

Application consideration for SAC Columns :
1. In case that soft packing materials or samples may be deformed or with properties variation under larger pressure.
2. More than one column can be packed independly with one Packing Station that is located in user or equipment manufacturer site,  and can be connected independently to HPLC Pump systems for use.

Prominent Features and Benefits of our SAC Column:

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1. Global leading design and approach for the embeded manual pressing device that performs advanced axial compression functionality.

2. The Surface Finish of our column wall is better than ≥ 12 (ie, Ra ≤ 0.25μm) that ensuring very good column concentricity(0.2μm), and is better than similar global products.
We continuously and routinely cooperate with domestic and global institutions for advanced technologies, such as the concentricity and precision polishing technologies for column inner wall from key military units.
These efforts ensures out excellent product stability and performance. 

3. Capabilities to maintain sufficiently high internal pressure that prevent the sharp decline in column efficiency caused by the collapsing of column bed.
In specific cases if the column bed have loosed and collapsed, the original column pressure and column efficiency can be be restored without any tools by just manually and gently twist on the top pressing device.  

4. The column efficiency is high enough to makes it easy to achieve linear amplification from analytical to preparation scales. The unique column-end distribution piece design, have provided more uniform chromatographic process for samples, with more symmetrical peak shapes. 

5. With removable and both normal and reverse directions applicable feasibilities that make user re-filling very easy. The durable life time is much longer than other prepared column that are implemented with fixed flange sealing mounting. 
6. Eliminate the drawbacks of Spring compressed type SAC columns, such as lower performance,  large volume, and non-linear pressure decline along stroke and spring fatigue along times.
7. The performance of SAC column is generally equal to that of DAC column in low ID ranges(<=80mmID).
8. We provide SAC column packing services in our factories with very affordable costs.

NOTE: We can also, according to customer requirements, manufacture customized or specialized columns that are packed with user specified packings from various sources as Kromasil, HyperSil, Fuji, etc.
We also provide re-packing and other services for preparative columns provided from customers .

Our Routine SAC Specifications:

(1 inch) ID25.4mm *450mm
(2 inch) ID50mm *450mm
(3 inch) ID80mm *450mm
(4 inch) ID100mm *450mm
Customized sizes & packings

Using same pumps to covering from SAC to DAC columns:

The Transmission Mode of our pump systems features ± 1% Flow Accuracy or even better to ± 0.3% in the full Flow Flow range. This prominent perpormance makes it possible for our users to select larger pumps(for example: 500ml/min) without minor additional cost in the begining for thier SAC columns(it may need only <= 100ml/min pump), and in the future, the pumps may switch to connect to a 100-150mm DAC columns as well.

GL3100 Laboratory Purification system
Binary High Pressure Gradient Elution
(Option up to Quaternary Gradient--4 pumps)

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Pump System:   2 sets
Flow range : 0-100ml/min
Solvent Delivering: Screw drive, dual piston
Pump Material: 316L stainless steel
Maximum working pressure: 6000Psi
Flow Accuracy: ± 1% Flow
Repeatability: RRSD≤0.5%
Detector:  190-740nm
Band: 190-740nm
Light source: Deuterium lamp, Tungsten lamp
Wavelength accuracy:  ± 1nm
BandWidth: 8nm
Noise: 2 × 10-5AU (254nm@1mL/min@methanol)
Drift: 15 ×10-5AU/h (254nm@1mL/min@methanol)
Detection Limit: 5 × 10-9g/mL (254nm@1mL/min@methanol@naphthalene standard)
Injector: Manual injector with 10ml Loop
Column: /td> 25.4mm-80mm prePacked columns
Sieve aperture: 3-5um
Column Material: 316L stainless steel
Stream Distributer: Multi-point forced distribution
Column Inner Wall Finish: ≤0.25μm(Surface Roughness)

The system configuration can be customized:  configurated sizes can be adapted from milligram to gram-scale for research development and production needs.

One of the new drug R&D laboratories customer example:

Pilot scale purification system
Binary/Tertiary High/Middle Pressure Gradient Elution

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Pump System:   3 sets
Preparation DAC Column: 1 set
Detector: 1 set
The system configuration can be customized:  configurated sizes are sutable for required production scale from gram to kg-class level.
Solvent Delivering mode:  Dual piston reciprocating pump
Transmission mode: Screw drive
Pump Material: 316L stainless steel
Specifications and pressure range:  
100ml/min pump head 6000psi
250ml/min pump head 5000psi
500 mL/min pump head 3500 psi
1000ml/min pump head 2000psi
2000ml/min pump head 1500psi
5000ml/min pump head 1500psi
10000ml/min pump head 1500psi
20000ml/min pump head 1500psi

The Transmission Mode:
Since we have integrated the international high-end Precise Screw Transmission Mechanism that is adopted only in the high-end instruments(the Varian(USA) also use this mode) with our own triple Close Loop Servo Mechanism.
OOur pump systems have achieved smallest fluctuation of flow rate baseline than other sources.

The Good system reproducibility, and low flow pulse features, is significantly different from that of the Cam Transmission Mode from most other suppliers,  and have great advantages in terms of impulse control and precision, especially in the high purity and gradient preparation practices.

Gelai Screw transmission  
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Varian(USA) Screw transmission Cam transmission

Dynamic Axial Compression system(DAC)

The DAC system is composed of column cylinder, Hydraulic cylinder, piston and pneumatic motor, is an integrated column system with packing capability. The users could option to equip with automatic homogenizing cans, moving trays and other configurations.

There are 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, DAC 800mm etc. DAC column cylinder in diameters. 

DAC_ID_50mm DAC_ID_150mm DAC_ID_500mm  DAC Colum Miller
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Advantages of the Dynamic Axial Compression system(DAC)

1.Pressure Tolerance and Adhesiveness: 
Realize the inner surface finish of ≥▽12, namely the Surface Roughness ≤0.25μm; the concentricity of the piston and cylindrical reach 0.2um, the piston is sealed with imported oblique-spring seals. These features enable the column tolerance to 6000psi high pressure without the risk of leakage, and without wearing for 50 repeatedly filling.

2. The Uniformity and Reproducibility of stream distribution: 
Both the DAC Column inlet and outlet ends are optimally adopted with our patented 
Forced Fluid Path Distributing technology, that enable the sample solution and mobile phrase 
stream to uniformly flow through the column, and have good peak symmetry.

3. The packing process is easy to learn
, that uses a short time with low air compressor demand.
90 kg pressure within the cylinder can be packed using 6kg air pressure.

Detector system
Wavelength range 190 ~ 740nm
Cut-off filter 370nm
Light sources  Deuterium lamp, Halogen(optional)
Wavelength accuracy ± 1nm
Noise 2 × 10-5AU(254nm@1mL/min@methanol)
Drift: 15 ×10-5AU/h(254nm@1mL/min@methanol)
Detection Limit 5 × 10-9g/mL(254nm@1mL/min@methanol@naphthalene standard)

Examples of customers:

A FDA-approved peptide workshop  
GMP certificated peptide workshop A new drug R&D center & A chemical plant

GMP compliance system hardware
  • Material Compliance:  Pump head, pipelines, column cylinder that direct contact with the drug, are 316L stainless steel, and the other main support structures are 304 stainless steel, with the provision of material proof available. 

  • Easy to clean, without dead corner space:  Corner space positions in the system are arc designed, that is easy to clean and resistant to all types of cleaning agents and disinfectants, without corrosion.

  • Stable:  Good equipment performance and system reproducibility.

            Complete the URS, FAT\SAT, With customer.
Conduct DQ confirmation.
Engineers complete IQ in plant.
Complete OQ.
Complete the PQ With customer.

System Warranty:  Two years; Deuterium lamp & Check valve: 1 year, with normal operation after installation. 

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