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Download ProTitration1.0

Functions of ProTitration1.0
  • With USB 24-BIT signal receiver circuits, high accuracy (3 microVolt noise level, on + / - 1Volt range). 
  • Can be connected to the generally high accuracy PH electrode(+ / - 0.1PH), circuit accuracy > + / - 0.001PH.
  • Allow various tube sizes for transportation of titration liquids to reach a broad range of titration speed demanded.
  • Titration speeds ranges form 0.001uL/min to 10mL/min.
  • pH electrode calibration data can be set for each channel. 
  • Multi-point titration speed correction data for  each channel. 
  • Titration speed speeds for different PH value sections  for  each channel. 
  • PH value for the titration equivalent point for each channel. 
  •  PH value to top the titration top the titration.
  • Auto-mode to find the titration equivalence point.
  • The maximum titrant consumption for each batch of samples.
  • Slovent mixing seconds before titration.
  • The input of sample volume, titrant concentration,  coefficient of the sample composition, and other data.
  • Titration is completed with automatically calculations of quantitative results.
  • Quantitative result dataincluds assay, initial pH value, and titrant used.
  • The batched resulting data can be transferred to the WORD or EXCEL for further applications.
  • In the titration process, the locations of electrode is moved automatically, with solvent mixing, washing after  titration performed automatically.
  • The computer's CPU and memory requirements: >= Petium4, >= 2.4G 2Core CPU, >= 1G of RAM. 
Quick Start Manual 
1.Fast run all the titration motor

2.Instrument connection configuration

3.Calibration data

4.new batch sequence
5.Sequence configuration

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