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親愛的同事, 及貴賓客戶, 
Dear colleagues, and VIP customers, 

Proteases have evolved multiple times and can be found in animals, plants, bacteria, 
archaea and viruses. 
It is widely used in industry, medicine and as a basic biological research tool. 
Highly specific proteases are commonly used to cleave fusion proteins and affinity tags in a controlled fashion. 

高度特異性蛋白酶通常以受控的方式, 用於切割融合蛋白和親和標籤。 

Animal origin free and High purity protease is necessary for Cell culturing, Peptide mapping,  
Protein structure, Sequence analysis, Antibody and Vaccine quality control etc. 
Our team partner YaxinBio have insisted on scientific and technological innovation  
on Recombinant Protease Enzymes and have focused on researching and manufacturing  
the animal free Biological pharmaceutical raw materials, 
developing high performance recombinant enzymes and sequencing grade enzymes with 
global quality,  independent intellectual property rights and much helpful costs. 

無動物源和高純度蛋白酶對於細胞培養, 肽譜, 蛋白質結構, 序列分析, 
我們的團隊夥伴YaxinBio 一直堅持對重組蛋白酶的科技創新, 
開發具有全球品質, 自主知識產權和有用得多的成本的高性能重組酶和測序級酶. 

YaxinBio is the first and only a professional company on researching and producing  
the recombinant carboxypeptidase B and recombinant trypsin in China. 
Both of the two recombinant enzymes are specially used in the recombinant  
human insulin production, and exporting abroad.  
Recombinant trypsin is used in the cell culturing process, which conforms to the 2014 USP. 
The apllication of recombinant trypsin fundamentally solves the problem of  
animal original virus contamination in the recombinant human insulin production. 

YaxinBio是中國第一家, 也是唯一一家專業研發和生產重組羧肽酶B和重組胰蛋白酶的公司. 
重組胰蛋白酶的使用, 從根本上解決重組人胰島素的生產時的動物原病毒污染問題. 

同時提醒您 CPHI 上海年度定期展會在即(21-23),  
如您有撥冗參觀, 誠歡迎蒞臨指導. 
日期和位置(Date & Location): 
June 21-23, 2016 Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China 

敝團隊伙伴: Our team partners: 
(1) 成都格萊精密儀器有限公司, Chengdu Gelai Precision Instruments 
(2) 蘇州納微分離純化技術有限公司, Nanomicro Tech 
(3)上海雅心生物技術有限公司, Shang haiYaxin Biotechnology company 
(4)天津富集科技有限公司 Tianjin Fuji Science & Technology 

將個別以其精湛專業的素養, 分別為您介紹及展現 
國際級品質與性能, 1/2-1/3 的特惠成本. 

will to introduce and show you the World-class quality and performance, 
1/2-1/3 of preferential costs with their superb professional accomplishment. 

我們誠執期待您的連繫, 以及建立更有幫助的產品服務及合作. 
We sincerely look forward to your associated enforcement, 
for the establishment of more helpful product services and cooperation. 

為了您的品茶時間, 在 CPHI  N1-C76 展位,  我們備有有限數量的台灣原始的鳳梨酥, 
, 用完為止. 

In CPHI booth N1-C76, we have  a limited number of Taiwan original pineapple cakes  
for your tea time tasting. 

非常感謝 ! 
Thank you very much ! 

The Analytical Based Development Center(abdc) 
LINE:service.abdc, SKYPE: skypeabdc 
WeChat:wcabdc, Twitter:ttabdc

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