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High Performance Microspheres -- Chromatography and other applications   
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New Products Release: New Gereration of Monodisperse Chromatography Media
Silica gel / Polymeric / Protein A Affinity
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Monodisperse Silica
Ion Exchange Chromatography
Resin UniNi Affinity
Solid Phase Extraction
 (SPE) Products
Preparative and
Analytical Columns
Particle Size
LCD SPACER Resins Carbohydrate
Separation Media
Stevia Extraction- Uni®PMM 50-Carb UniVanco for  Vancomycin Purification.jpg UniFLC for Fullerene Purification Gold and Nickel
Plated Particles 

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Broad application spectrum :
Our High Performance Microspheres applications have spanned a broad spectrum,
not limited to but including:  

High performance chromatography media,
 Solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbents,
 Metal scavenger resins,
 Particle size standards,
 Magnetic particles,
 Fluorescent microspheres,
 Enzyme support,
 Drug carriers,
 LCD spacer,
 ACF conductive particles, and various other functional microparticles.
New applications for microspheres are discovered every day,
below are just a few:

 Assay - Coated microspheres provide measuring tool in biology and drug research
 Buoyancy - Hollow microspheres are used to decrease material density in plastics(glass and polymer)
 Particle image velocimetry - Solid microspheres used for flow visualization, typically with  density 
     matching that of the fluid.[5]
 Ceramics - Used to create porous ceramics used for filters (microspheres melt out during firing,
Microspheres) or used to prepare highstrength lightweight cocnrete.[6]
 Cosmetics - Opaque microspheres used to hide wrinkles and give color, Clear microspheres provide
     "smooth ball bearing" texture during application (Polyethylene Microspheres)
 Deconvolution - Small fluorescent microspheres (<200 nanometers) are required to obtain
     an experimental Point spread function to characterise microscopes and perform image deconvolution.
 Drug delivery - As miniature time release drug capsule made of, for example, polymers. A similar use is
     as outer shells of microbubble contrast agents used in contrast-enhanced  ultrasound.
 Electronic paper - Dual Functional microspheres used in Gyricon electronic paper
 Insulation – expandable polymer microspheres are used for thermal insulation and sound dampening.
 Personal Care - Added to Scrubs as an exfoliating agent (Polyethylene Microspheres)
 Spacers - Used in LCD screens to provide a precision spacing between glass panels (glass)
 Standards - monodispere microspheres are used to calibrate particle sieves,
     and particle counting apparatus.
 Retroreflective - added on top of paint used on roads and signs to increase night visibility
     of road stripes and signs (glass)
 Thickening Agent - Added to paints and epoxies to modify viscosity and buoyancy
 Drugs can be formulated as HBS floating microsphere.
 Followings are list of drugs which can formulated as microsphere: Repaglinide, Cimetidine, 
     Rosiglitazone, Nitrendipine, Acyclovir, Ranitidine HCl, Misoprostol, Metformin,
     Aceclofenac, Diltiazem, L-Dopa and beneseragide, Fluorouracil [4]

The Nano-Micro Tech(abreviated as NMT) is devoted to developing a world-leading technology for providing the highest quality and the largest selection of uniformly sized nano- and microspheres (microparticles).

The company is capable of supplying monodisperse particles of almost any size ranging from 5 nanometers to 1000 microns of different materials,
structures, and functionalities.
More than 10 current product lines with over 5000 products which continue to evolve and  expand to serve rapidly growing industries of cutting edge technologies.

We(ABDC) and NMT, (abreviated as NMT_ABDC) are global technology and sales partners, serving application commitments for users in research institutions, industry sections,  universities, and have successfully developed high performance microspheres with globalized intellectual properties.

The leading manufacture source:
We are one of the few suppliers that are capable of globally providing monodisperse
microsphere species:

 Monodisperse silica gel chromatography packing (globally exclusive production)
Homogenic polymeric particle bioseparation media (global second source)
Liquid crystal display(LCD) SPACER, conductive beads, light-diffusing microspheres
Standard particles, magnetic beads, fluorescent microspheres
Enzyme carrier, drug carriers. 

Experiences and achievements :
Outstanding research and production experiences and achievements:
The Company founder, Dr. Jiang Profile: 

1984-1988 Bachelor of Chemistry Department of Chemistry, Peking University.
1994-1998 doctorate of SUNY Binghamton University
1998-2000 postdoctoral of University of California at Berkeley
2000-2006 Senior researcher, Rohm and Haas Company
2006- to date Chief Scientist, Shenzhen Micro Technology Co., Ltd.
2007- to date Professor/Director, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Center for Nanoscience.

2008- to date Chairman/Chief Scientist,
  Suzhou Micro Technology Co., Ltd.

Dr. Jiang is eligible for State 1,000 plans, Jiangsu Province entrepreneurship and innovation talent, entrepreneurship and innovation talent Suzhou, first leading talents for Suzhou Industrial Park's.
Dr. Jiang is satisfied Professor/Director of Nano-Micro Materials Research Center, of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School .
More than 30 patents applied in country and abroad, and published 28 articles on prestigious journals. The research result has been widely used in academic research and industry sectors. 
NMT build a nano-micron material research center with the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, the center was founded in 2007 as a key Laboratory of Guangdong Province. 

Our Development Goals:
Liquid crystal Display(LCD) spacer
Light-diffusing beads
Conductive golden
Separation and purification media for biopharmaceutical drug
Drug release control carrier
Enzyme immobilization carrier
Drug testing and analysis
Wastewater purification
LED lighting
Heavy metal recycling
Environmental Monitoring
Energy saving 

Core technology platform:
Preparation of monodisperse microspheres in any sizes between 5 nanometers to 1000  

 Control of microsphere structures, such as specific surface area, pore size and

 Microsphere surface functionalization technology
 Preparation of the special structure and multi-functions of nano-micron composite

 Scaled microsphere production and application technology.

Size and distribution br /> of the microspheres Microsphere morphology Substrate and surface

Scanning electron micrographs of Submicron Spheres

Scanning electron micrographs of Micro Spheres

Optical electron micrographs of Micro Spheres

Standard particles products:

NMT has more than 100 polystyrene standard particles, and is one of the blobal providers that can offer most standard particles.
The particle size range from 50 nanometers to 1000 micrometers.
SEM Picture 
High-performance LCD SPACER:
LCD SPACER is the key microspheres materials that is placed between two glass substrates in a liquid crystal display, for controlling the thickness of liquid crystal layer.
NMT is a company after Japan's Sekisui & Hayakawa Rubber that are satisfied to produce spacer products.
Our current sales has been ranked first in the world.

Magnetic Nano Microspheres:
SEM and TEM images of all kinds of magnetic nano microspheres from NMT:

Nanoscale magnetic particles Submicron magnetic particles
Magnetic Field (Oe) Micron magnetic particles

Standard Bioprocess:

Bio Manufacturer-Bacteriai/Animal Cell:


Chromatography Process (1):

Chromatography Process(2):

Chromatographic Terms:

Separation Mechanism:

Types of NMT chromatography packings:

Factors of separation medium:
The main factors that determine the performance of the separation medium:
Microsphere Matrix chemical composition and physical properties
ØMicrosphere Size and particle size uniformity
ØMicrosphere morphology, pore size distribution and pore volume, specific surface area
ØMicrosphere surface functional groups and density
ØMicrospheres of mechanical properties and chemical stability, hardness, etc.

Size and distribution
of the microspheres
Microsphere morphology Substrate and surface

Chromatography silica gel:
Unique monodisperse silica gel chromatography packing:
The NMT has worldwide exclusively produced full range of monodisperse silica gel chromatography packing.
We can roduce mono-dispersive, porous silica gel for chromatography packing, at any size ranging from 1.7 to 50 μm, with routine pore sizes 100, 120, 170, 300, 500 Å.

Surface Bonding & End-capping:
Innovative silica gel surface bonding and end-capping technology:

The NMT not only has the worldwide exclusive monodisperse porous silica gel production technology, but also developed innovative the surface bonding and endcapping technology, enabling high selectivity, high-resolution, and high chemical stability with the produced silica gel packing.

Silica gel comparison:
Comparison of NMT silica gel packing with well known foreign brands:

NMT has developed ultra-pure silica gel packings for the analytical, semi-preparative and scaled production needs.
Our packings is featured with precise particle size, high particle size uniformity(CV <3%), extreme high purity(> 99.99%), high surface area ratio and optimized pore size.  
Comparison of particle size distribution
Repeatability & Stability:
Repeatability and chemical stability of scaled products:
Acid and base resistance
Column: UniSil™ 10 C18, 4.6*250mm
Eluent: 0.1 mol/L NaOH/CH3OH=40/60 for base
0.2 mol/L CH3COOH/CH3OH =50/50 formic acid
Test of column efficiency: Sample:Toluene
Mobile phase: ACN/H2O=60/40
Flow rate: 1.0 ml/min,
Detection: UV@254nm
Repeatability between batches
Chromatography performance
Particle size and size distribution
Pore size and surface area
Bonded phase density

High resolution and high selectivity:

Silica gel series:
Full range of high performance silica gel chromatography packing:

Complete & Monodisperse
The world's most complete monodisperse polymer chromatography packing:

After GE, the NMT is the second company capable to scaled production of chromatography packing with uniform particle polymer, Our product range has surpassed GE, with most complete monodisperse polymer chromatography packing. The routine particle size are 1.7, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 microns, with optional pore sizes of 100, 300, 500, 800, 1000Å.

Uniform particle & pore sizes
Chromatography packing from uniform polymer particle with various pore sizes:

Different substrates:
Polymer packings with different substrate composition

Large-scale reproduciblity:
Very high reproduciblity between large-scale batch productions

Our “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facilities, advanced analytical instrument, and reliable quality control system guarantee the high quality and batch to batch reproducibility of products.

Batch reproducible:
Highly reproducible from batch to batch:

Excellent acid and base resistance performance:

Breakthrough Curve for Insulin.   
The insulin capacity was well maintained even after 10 um (NM-UNI-PS10-RPC-300)
media was exposed to 1M NaOH aqueous solution at 60℃ for 40 days.

Alkali resistance test for Polymer packing

Most complete packing:
Most complete monodisperse polymer chromatography packing:

NMT  offers the most complete uniform particle polymer chromatography packing!
Packings for ultra-high pressure, semi-preparative, and to industrial preparative chromatography, to meet the customer needs.
Advantages of the NMT monodisperse polymer chromatography packings:
lEasily packed, samll back pressure, quick flow speed
lLarge surface area, greater adsorption amount
lConcentrated elution, less elution volume
lGood Selectivity, higher recovery
lWider applicable pH(1-14) range
lExcellent chemical stability, in-place cleaning and sterilization
lLonger durability

Why Uniform Particle?

The more uniform of packing particle, the narrower the peak shape, with higher column efficiency and higher separation efficiency. 

Silica gel vs. Polymer packing:
lpolymer and silicone filler has a complementary choice in separation

polymer has strong resistance to acid and base, and with long duribilities.
lpolymer packings are easy to regenerate and clean, good batch to batch reproducibility.
lsilica gels has high mechanical strength, high column efficiency, is easily packed.
lsilicone packings has high-resolution.

Ion chromatography:
Uniform particle ion chromatography packings:
The high efficiency uniform particle ion chromatography packings is synthesize by our unique patented technology, with characteristics as large loading capacity, high resolution, good selectivity, excellent acid/base resistance, among others.

High-performance ion-exchange chromatography packing:
lIncreased Loading Capacity
lUnmatched Rigidity
lImproved Chromatographic Resolution
lConsistent Lot-to-lot Reproducibility

High efficient bio-analysis and separation:

Hydrophobic chromatography packing:
We provides a series of hydrophobic chromatography packings that can be used for analysis and separation of biomolecules.

Efficient separation and purification of proteins

Nickel affinity chromatography packing:
We has developed a series of Ni affinity chromatography packings that efficiently isolate proteins.

Carbohydrate Chromatographic Media
NMT has developed a complete line of high performance chromatographic media for the analysis and separation of carbohydrates. The media are prepared by sulfonating poly (styrene-co- divinylbenzene) microspheres followed by chelating of various metal ions such as calcium (Ca2 +) and sodium (Na +). 

Solid phase extraction packing:
NMT uniform particle solid phase extraction packing

Chromatography packings and columns:
Prepacked columns:

Total technical solutions:
We provide customer total technical solutions
The most complete high-performance liquid chromatography packings, including normal phase, reverse phase, ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction and affinity chromatography packings, that is composed respectively based on three substrates, ie. silica gel, crosslinked polystyrene and polymethyl methacrylate esters, which is in performance complementary.

lAccumulations of large number of micro-separation and purification expertise, and quick, economical separation and purification process, providing customers some or all of their separation and purification solutions. 

lHigh-quality products and optimization scheme for separation and purification to reduce production costs, accelerate the industrialization of products, and reduce the use of solvents.

Cases & examples:
Successful examples in isolation and purification:
Separation and purification method in traditional Chinese medicine and plant active ingredient, including complete separation and purification schemes from small scale to pilot scale and then full scale. (Success Story: Breviscapine; paclitaxel; alkali huperzine A; resveratrol; polyphenols; stevioside; Ginkgolides ....)

lExtraction of bio-pharmaceutical, separation, purification methods, with complete preparation system and technique solutions. (Success Story: insulin; thymalfasin and the like; vancomycin enzyme and its derivatives; daptomycin; Interferon; Thymopentin; cyclic peptide; teicoplanin; trypsin; NADP ...).

lPolysaccharide, isolation, purification method (Success Story: lentinan; stevioside; ...)

lOther products, separation and purification technique, and complete preparation system and technique solutions.(Success Story: If fondaparinux sodium Gan Kui; fullerenes ....) 

lDetection of complex systems, such as food safety testing, pesticide residues, etc., to provide the best HPLC and SPE columns and other consumables. 

Linear velocity:
Typical practice in calculation of linear velocity  of mobile phase:

Packing evaluation(1) - number of theoretical plates

Packing evaluation(2) - peak symmetry

Resolution: selectivity vs. column efficiency

Resolution calculation

Salt effect:
Effect of salt concentration on resolutions


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