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Endeavour & confidence : Make a difference in global economic progress and social wellbeing

ABDC is a small provider of scientific equipment, materials and technical services for more than 20 years. From 2010, based on the R&D and marketing experience of scientific instruments, equipment and consumables, we started close technical cooperation and distribution with local and international high performance, high C/P value equipments, materials manufacturors and service providers. 

Main customer groups :
At present, our main customer groups are the research and development and manufacturing units in the Pharmaceutical raw materials(API), Finished drugs, Diagnostic reagents, Health food, skin care fields and legal person. 

Our main offer includes :
Uniform size Chromatography Media, Preparative Chromatography System, Automated Filtration System, etc.
Also available:
Autoclaves & Glassware Washers, Enzyme evolution, Micro Reactor, ICP/OES/MS, XRF, Benchtop NMR, Digester & Acid purification apparatus, Density meters, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Saccharimeters, Amino acid analyzer, Ion Chromatography, GC/LC/GPC-FTIR,
Life Science Reagents & Materials, Bio-Community Development & Assets Services, etc.

With his passion and perseverance in science and technology learning and research, Mr.Lin, the founder, from 1991 using spare time, has long-term focus on the development of general-purpose chromatography workstation(software), and has developed three versions of feature-rich chromatography workstation software system, with many supporting users in the local market in 15 years.
However, with the popularity of dedicated chromatography workstation software, the general-purpose chromatography workstation was no longer required in the past 10 years.
And since 2010, ABDC has transformed mainly into products and service provider with technical cooperation as the marketing distributor for some manufacturer with global quality. 

The very unique contribution and advantage:
We are the only local unit that has long invested in the development of chromatography software and chromatography key component modules.
1. Developer of general-purpose Chromatograph Workstation Software (CDS) for 25 years.
2. UV-VIS, diode array (PDA) spectrometer for chromatography detector research and development.
3. Chromatography software for preparative chromatography & chromatography components.

We have once filed patent application for key component modules for Ultra-precision preparative chromatography and some other very attractive ideas for further co-operations:
Pulse-less piston PUMP (micro-flow and ultra-large flow).
Fixed-type, advection large diameter chromatography tube separator (three-dimensional).
Fixed, jet chromatography mobile phase mixer.
Nano-micro-channel, electronic inductive distribution plate.
Jet, electronic sensing mobile phase mixer.
Pneumatic planetary reducer-type & electronic sensor for dynamic axial compression chromatography column.
and others.
Our experiences enable us to provide R&D and manufacturing units of such as APIs and finished drugs with especially In-depth and appropriate applications and services for purification and analytical equipment and materials.

Social resposibility and care
In additionally to our professional dedication of the material and technical fields, we also have very in-depth humanistic and social recognition and care, with the macroscopic recognitions for the Human Development, Smart Growth and Sustainable practices, that we hope to positively enhance the blessing of humankind, to ensure the sustainable development of the ecological environment, and to pursue the participation for optimization of the biological communities, that are based on the perspective of social sciences and management.

The practical services for the Bio-community may include as
Food Analysis Testing Services, Information Services, Professional Services, M&A(merger & acquirement) Services,
Asset Services, etc.
2016 Biotechnology Industry in Taiwan(White Paper)
2017 Introduction to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries in Taiwan
2017 Introduction to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries in Taiwan, Republic of China Introduction to Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries in Taiwan, Rep. of China.pdf
ABDC Social Enterprise team(vision and practice)

The concern and care of public affairs:
We are also committed to the suggestions of industry, education, culture and public affairs, working together with the industry to continuously enhance the energy of the local biological community and in the same time to improve our local and global environments.
Precise Civilization(Politics & science)
Chinese and English vocabulary parallel school textbooks

We need a Macroscopically clear understanding of the purpose of the English language and the overall promotion strategy)英辭彙對照的中小學教材.aspx

Related R&D experiences up to 2010:

The related R&D experiences in the early stages that we devoted with enormously time, are very solid and helpful bases for our current products and market integration with our partners, for we may seamlessly discuss detailed technical demands for every global users, and for developing new features.

Our capacity and experiences spans in the system architecture, mechanical drawing, machining, control software and hardware, and system assembly and testing etc., as the following introductions:

1. Generic chromatography data acquisition systems

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The main techniques used in this system is the practical programming with the C++ and C # language tools integrated the .net  Window operation system..
The system is very powerful in many aspects that could be compared with some more power and sophistic products over the world. And, since, it  is mainly used for real-time recording and processing of the analog signal of from  instrument, including the dedicated multi-tasking technologies, it then provides us a very good self-training and growth opportunities.

We start to develop the system with C++ and language MFC library about from 1995, and start to revise with C # language. The new revised version is benefit from the accumulation of the previous application demands and from the new C flexibility and ability, resulting a rich flexible, fast and friendly internal structure and man-machine interface and showing a high-quality products. Based on these experiences, we can clear grasp of the features and points in product development cycle, providing the exact experience and knowledge basis for the following product development.
Control equipment : the 24-bit ADDA converter, high-precision servo motor.
Application of knowledge : spectroscopy, chromatography, micro-computer science, object-oriented programming, numerical analysis.

2. The origin of life of amino acid reactor

This system is an epoch-making new stage of our studio, that  we began to come into contact formally with the actual machinery, materials and machining practices. And also from this to launch the real equipment and apparatus development process we look forward for many years.  This is the first domestic project to simulate and investigate the substances of the origin of life - the amino acids , and the system is integrated with chemistry, astronomy, life science, optic and electricity for scientific inquiry and discovery.
Techniques applied: 

The screening and to decision of the reaction gases and reaction equation.
Search Source: Wikipedia, NASA information.
System architecture, 2D, 3D mechanical drawing, etc.
Tools: Solid-Work, AutoCAD, etc.
Material: Aluminum extrusion, thick acrylic sheet, a Pyrex glass reaction jar,
DUV spectral lamp, ammonia, nitrogen, methane, CO2, and H2O.
Control equipment : 

24-bit the ADDA converter IC and solid state relays.
Electromagnetic stirrer, DUV spectral lamp, cooling water PUMP.
Application of knowledge: 
Inorganic chemistry, spectroscopy, chromatography, micro-computer science, object-oriented programming, numerical analysis.

3. Ultra-Violet-Visible mini-spectrometer

This system is a new product stage after  "The origin of life of amino acids reactor". 
More optical light sensor component technology and more mechanical materials and machining methods and materials for works are realized, providing precise micro-meter to nano-meter production experiences.
This is also the first local R&D project to composite UV enhanced  array sensor, grating and dedicated circuit to produce a  general-purpose spectrometer, and is a Integrated of precision system that is a combination of optical, mechanical, electronic and information software. The spectrometer could be applied as component in a equipment system.
Techniques applied: 

Element selection : 
A grating, CMOS and CCD sensor and the UV light source and fiber
Search Source:Wikipedia, instrumental analysis, and vendor information.
System architecture : 
2D, 3D mechanical drawing, etc.
Tools: Solid-Work, AutoCAD.
Aluminum, stainless steel plate (316), acrylic panels
, deep ultraviolet spectral lamp.
Machining technology : 
Wire Cut EDM, perforation, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes
, anodizing, vacuum evaporation, etc.
Control equipment : 
24-bit the ADDA converter, the DUV spectral lamp.
Software Tools: VC + + 6.0, VC # 2003,
VC # 2010.
Application of knowledge: 
Spectroscopy, the CIE1931, CIE1976, machining technology.

4. Acid and Base auto-titration system

The purpose of this system is to be used for the screening of a large number of fruits and crops pH, and can also be used for general laboratory acid-base titration experiments.
This project is also the first complete automatic pH titrator locally produced, and is a combination of mechanical processing, motor torque control, the pH electrode and data conversion and receiving, forming a integrated of instrumentation system that can be used for the development of online monitoring equipment for biotechnology and industry.
Techniques applied: 
A pH electrode, torque motor filter and determine:
Search Source: instrumental analysis and vendor information.
System architecture: 
2D, 3D mechanical drawing, etc.
Tools: Solid-Work, AutoCAD, use of materials: stainless steel plate (316)

, acrylic board.
Machining technology: 
Wire cutting, laser cutting, drilling, welding and so on.

Control equipment: 
24-bit the ADDA converter IC and solid state relays.
, Torque motors, micro flow Peristaltic Pump, flush PUMP.
Software Tools: VC + + 6.0, VC # 2003
, VC # 2010.

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