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UV-Visible general-purpose spectrometer (UV_Visible_1.x Edition)

Download UV_Visible_1.0 version Software

Advantages: : (compared with traditional spectrometers)

  • High dynamic range

  •  High cost performance

  • Resolution sufficient for most applications

  • Compact, light weight

  • Easy to operate

  • Portable and vertical applications


  UV_Visible_1.0 Specifications:  
Sizes 150 x 100 x 90
  Weight 720  
  Sensor Element
  Type CMOS(Back Thined)  
  Pixel Size 20 x 50 micro-meter  
  Signal to Noise Ratio 600:1(at 532nm)  
  Analog to Digital Resolution 16-bit  
  Sensitivity 600  
  Spetrometer Performances
  Wavelength Range 190nm-- 800nm  
  Wavelength Resolution 10nm(2nm--option)  
  2nd order filter option  
  Integration Time 1 to 1000 mini-seconds.  
  Dynamic Range 600 : 1 at 50 mini-Sec(Integration Time)  
  Fiber connector SMA 905 to single standard fiber(0.22NA)  
  Data Speed 40 mini-second all data scaned to PC for USB1.1  
  PC Requirements
  OS. WinXP, Win Vista, Win7.  
  USB Peripheral USB2.0  


Software Features:

  • Simultaneous connection to multiple spectrometers, showing multi-channel spectrums in same window.
  •  The integration time(read speed), pixels number for signal averaging can be set dynamically.
  •  Peak identification assist for calculations of FWHM etc.
  • Reapeted spetrum scanning and data stored with time interval or repeat count interval mode.
  • Raw signal data points can be exported for Excel or Notebook in ASCII file format.
  • With Driver (dll) for calls by programming languages.
  • Software extending and integrating developments available from ABDC.



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