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Following the technology advancements from process equipment, sample pretreatment methods, and high-end detection equipments, the biopharmaceutical and food safety are always globally improved that more effectively protect our life quality.
Regulations for the Residual Solvents and Elemental Impurities in biomedicine products, has been a general consensus, as the USP <467> Residual Solvents,
and USP <232>Elemental Impurities
And Pesticide Residues Determination in foods is also one of the main priorities, wherein the sample pre-treatment technology and methods are continuously optimized, such as the EU and the AOAC QuEChERS and the much higher performance local FaEChERS methods.
In all the analytical determinations, it is must to have Certified Reference Materials to provide complete traceable basis:>

High-end analytical instrumentation, such as GC/MS, LC/MS, ICP/MS, AA, etc. is finally responsible to derive precision and accurate results for the analytical determinations.  

We work with the largest international GC/MS, LC/MS, ICP/MS service system in close cooperation and can provide you with the most complete, integrated package: td>
Industry Leading Mass Spectrometry Performance:

Reliable, precision mass spectrometry solutions for a range of industries.
A feature­rich portfolio of Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry(GC/MS) systems,
Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry(LC/MS) systems,
embodying over 40 years of expertise and innovation in mass spectrometry.
GC/MS Systems -
High Performance GC/MS Instruments for Modern Labs
GC/MS Analyzers & Application Kits GC/MS, /span>
Analyzers for Reliability and Efficiency
LC/MS Instruments -
Outstanding LC/MS Instrument Performance
LC/MS Ion Sources, LC/MS Ionization Source
Technology for Consistent Results
LC/MS Databases, Libraries and Kits,
Powerful LC/MS Application Kits for
Faster LC/MS Analysis
RapidFire High-throughput MS Systems,
High­throughput Screening Solutions
for Rapid Analysis
Leading the Way in ICP-MS Performance:

The market-leading inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) systems
provide flexible and reliable solutions for elemental analysis.
Our ICP-MS and ICP-QQQ instruments offer the highest matrix tolerance and
unmatched interference removal, delivering fast, accurate and consistently
reproducible results even for trace metals.
ICP MS Systems ICP MS Supplies
ICP MS Accessories

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