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TEAM(Taiwan Equipment Alliance and Material)

. 基礎認知與發展目標
Basic cognition and development goals

In the marketing of scientific equipment and materials, experienced colleagues must have a profound experience that In Taiwan, what we can do as possible is about to win the agent rights of major manufacturers in Europe and the United States, as the winner like to have a special award and far away the stress of the real world, and the looser can only get their hands on the nose and do odd-looking coolies, and continue to survive in the long and narrow situation without the vision of the future !

Observing the operating environment of the industry, the local market is small, and the initial supporting conditions are relatively weak.

After 20-30 years of observation, it is felt that local equipment and equipment sales company are basically small with a rare portion capable to grow to 200-500 people scale that takes 20-30 years, and with its main business growth areas being basically from the manufacturing-related industries.

在科學儀器設備及材料的行銷, 有經驗的同仁先進必然會有很深刻的感受,在台灣, 我們能夠做的大概只能儘可能爭取歐美大廠的代理權, 爭取到了就像中了特獎從此可以不食人間煙火, 爭取不到就只能鼻子摸著做雜牌苦力, 繼續在沒有未來想像願景的漫長情境狹縫中求生存 !
而實際觀察產業的經營環境, 本地市場小, 初始化, 支撐條件相對薄弱, 20-30年的觀察, 深感本地的儀器設備, 材料銷售基本上都是小公司, 能獨力成長到 200-500人的很少, 且需要20-30, 而其主要營業成長部位, 基本上都是來自於轉投資相關的製造業.

In particular, today’s cross-strait and global competition, if micro and small companies still remain in traditional self centered their thinking as in the early years, I am afraid that the time required for a company to grow from small to a scale of 200-500 people, will be longer and opportunities will be even smaller dozens of times, and not to mention for growing to medium-sized companies or to thousands or tens of thousands large enterprise !

Hence the case, the actively integration of individuals and small companies with professional expertise, global macroscopic cognition and willing for long term development for becoming a team that works closely together, is the adequate and necessary conditions for members of small businesses to ensure their career development in the next 20-30 years.

尤其現今兩岸及全球的競爭情況, 如果個人及小公司仍留在早年傳統的本位思維,恐怕要從一個小公司成長到 200-500人的規模, 所需時間會更長, 機會更少數倍到數十倍, 更不用說還想有機會成長到數千人或數萬人的中大型企業了 !
既然這樣, 積極整合專業能力充足, 具備全球宏觀認知, 且願長期投入發展的個人及小公司, 成為一個密切互助合作的團隊,是小企業成員確保在未來20-30年的事業發展的充份及必要條件 !

Many individuals and small companies continue to work hard and pay hard for a long period of time and their professional foundation is undoubted.
However, in the requirement to obtain distribution of high-quality products and large-scale plant products and various types of technical cooperation, It is inevitable that the small distributor organization scale will be kept in main consideration of the product provider, and poor stuff is a common thing.
In the same way, the larger overall scale and quality are sufficient for winning transnational and cross-regional agency rights and cooperation opportunities and is not very difficult to win over the Greater China or Asia Pacific regional distributors or various cooperation opportunities for various projects, and will not only be able to hand over to the mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore and so on. 

很多個人及小公司長期的堅持努力及付出是非常辛苦的, 專業的基礎也是無庸置疑的, 但在爭取全球優質產品及大廠產品的代理權及各種性質的技術合作方面, 組織規模小, 必然成為來源供應者主要的考量因素, 吃悶虧實是常有的事.
同樣地, 在爭取跨國, 跨區域的代理權及合作機會方面, 整體規模質量夠, 要爭取各種項目的大中華或亞太區總代理或各種合作機會是不難的, 也就不致於只能能拱手讓給大陸,香港,新加坡等.

In the integration and development of business projects, today’s industry, commerce, information, and even public affairs (such as education and financial distribution) are all very closely integrated.
Therefore, modern enterprise operations need to integrate the customer base of the industry for providing related business and service items in the group, for example, can provide services such as industry information and assets (Real Estate/Intellectual property) for the biomedical and semiconductor communities.
This is also one of the advantages that can be possessed for alliance-based teams compared to companies that operate independently.  

在 營業項目的整合發展方面, 現今的工業, 商業, 資訊, 甚至是包含公共事務(如教育及財政分配),都非常密切地整合在一起, 因此, 現代的企業營運需要結合客戶群的產業群組內的相關業務及服務項目, 例如可提供 生物醫藥及半導體社群 的產業資訊及資產(動產/不動產/智慧財)等服務項目, 這也是聯盟型團隊相較於獨自運作的企業所特別能具備的優勢之一. 

. 團隊規模與發展優勢
Team size and development advantages

1. Increased efficiency, economic scale and reduce operating costs with jointed sales network, display and explain the activities, after-sales service network and education and training, etc., winning more trust and evaluation of enterprise customers !

2. Striving for opportunities as agents and cooperators of local and global manufacturers, for more active support from source factories and better source cost.

3. Better able to win cooperation opportunities in R&D, marketing and resource management with government, outstanding companies and academic research units.

4. More scale and effective capital integration operation that will actively combine local and global perspectives to create innovative products, technologies, applications and services.

聯合銷售網路, 展示說明活動, 售後服務網及教育訓練的經濟規模, 提高效益, 降低營運成本, 爭取到更多企業型客戶的信任與評價 !

2.能爭取本地及全球大廠的代理及合作的機會. 爭取到來源廠更積極的配套支持, 及更好的進價成本.

3.更有能力爭取政府, 傑出企業及學術研究單位, 在研發, 行銷及資源管理等的合作機會.

4.更有規模及效能的資金整合運作, 更能積極結合本地及全球視野, 開創各種創新的產品, 技術, 應用及服務.

. 組織及營運方式
Organization and operation methods

1. The regulation and management of TEAM is coordinated by ABDC.

2. The members of the alliance are composed of individuals and small companies that operate independently including finance management.

3. TEAM product or service item

Members of the alliance can support their own existing product items to all alliance members with unified distribution prices to promote marketing of the items together    that is arbitrarily decided by the product owner to set minimum end user prices.

 4. Team members may at any time to produce their proposal for winning the distribution projects of highly interested global or local high quality products or services items.
All team members are obliged to sign to be the "Collaborative Sales Team Partner" of the proposal.

5. The business address, telephone number, website address, and product information of each alliance member must agree to join the basic information of the member pages of the coalition. 

I would like to express my sincere advice and goals. We are honored to present you and you with more benefits. We also welcome your colleagues and friends who are able to transfer to you as you know. We can actively integrate with colleagues in the industry (industry and industry integration). , Committed to the development of a close-knit and cooperative, global vision capability team.

1. TEAM 的規化及管理由ABDC 統籌運作.

2. 聯盟成員 為獨立運作之個人及小公司組成, 財務各自獨立運作.

3. TEAM 產品或服務項目

各聯盟成員 從個自經營的既有產品或服務項目中, 提出希望全體聯盟成員協力推展行銷的項目,統一同業經銷價給全體聯盟成員, 同時可決定是否設定最低售價.

4. 團隊成員可於任何時間提出其擬爭取的全球優質產品或服務項目代理權的提案書.

全體團隊成員有義務簽署成為該提案書的 "協力銷售團隊伙伴".

5. 各聯盟成員 的營業地址, 電話, 網址 及產品資訊, 需同意加入成為聯盟成員網頁基本資料..

以上淺拙見解及目標謹呈參考指導, 期能榮幸呈您與您多請益, 也歡迎能轉呈您所知的傑出同仁及親友, 期能積極結合業界(同業及異業結合)的同仁先進, 共同致力於發展成為一個密切互助合作, 全球視野能力的優質團隊.

TEAM - 台灣儀器及材料聯盟團隊 -- 誠摯邀請您共同努力(Taiwan Equipment Alliance and Materials)_2018_0318_ABDC.pdf

TEAM 成員 協力爭取產品代理方式及行銷的權利與義務_2018_0325.pdf

TEAM成員_協力產品代理及行銷提案書(成員名稱_產品及服務名稱_YYYYMMDD_N).docx </p>



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