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Solenoid / Mechanical / Diaphragm / Hydraulic / Plunger /Controller / Dosing System

Leading with Quality, Performance and Cost :

Metering pump:
Plunger(Piston) Pumps are widley used in High-pressure chromatography and Diaphragm Pumps are also used in Low pressure preparative chromatography. 

We(Alipu_ABDC) have seamlessly product and technical integrations begining from the applications of Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump for our Low pressure preparative DAC/SAC HPLC systems.

Also, as the most scale and top quality for the R&D, Innovation and manufacturing and marketing team,
our Metering Pumps has become the predominate selections for all industrial Liquid Dispensing applications that require precise, safe, durable and high performance with best cost.

Our manufacturing system meets the QA/QC requirements of America Petroleum Institute AP1657 standard strictly, and we have gained ISO9001:2000 National Quality System Certificate, SONCAP, CE, Classification Society Certificate and the other certificates.

Our products have been widely used in chemical injection technique system in the large-scale water treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, natural gas, pharmacy, food and laboratory fields at both domestic and abroad.
Now, we have gained lots of good reputations from South-east of Asia, America, Middle East, Africa, European and Oceania markets.>

Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump
JYM1.6A Series
JYM3.0 Series
JYM5.0 Series
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JYMD Series
JYMT Series
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Mechanical Diaphragm Pump
JM series
JWM-A series
JWM-AD Series
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JXM-A Series
JZM-A series
JDM series
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JDM-S series
Plunger pump
J1.6A Series
J3.0 Series
J5.0 Series
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J-D Series
J-T Series
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Solenoid Pump
JCM1 Series
JCM2 Series
JCM3 Series
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JCM4 Series
Digital Controller
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Dosing System
Dry Powder Dosing Devices Adding Ammonia Device
PH Adjust Device
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Methanol Dosing Device
Sampling Device
Phosphate Dosing Device
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