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美(主要)雙語生活環境, 雙語教育, 全科目教材中英對照, 總預算1/100長期聘請大量美(主要),加, 以, 英師資
Bilingual living environment, bilingual education, full subject textbooks in English and Chinese paralleled, and 1/100 Total budget for long-term employment of a large number of US (main), Canada, Israel, British teachers.

Part I:  全面(中)英語文生活及學習環境的淺層及深層的考慮因素
(Shallow and deep considerations of a comprehensive (Chinese) English-language life and learning environment)

Part II:  中英辭彙對照的中小學教材
(Chinese and English vocabulary paralleled primary and middle school textbooks)

Part III: 總預算1/100長期聘請大量美(主要),加, 以, 英師資

(1/100 Total budget for long-term employment of a large number of US (main), Canada, Israel, British teachers)

Part I: 全面(中)英語文生活及學習環境的淺層及深層的考慮因素
(Shallow and deep considerations of a comprehensive (Chinese) English-language life and learning environment)

客觀的回顧和積極的前瞻 Objective Retrospect and positive prospect
我們在亞洲四小龍的發展中, 我們(台灣)原本就是更早接觸到近代先進科學技術的環境, 使我們比臨近國家都更早工業化, 但可能我們在數十年來, 沈浸於中國大陸及東南亞廉價勞力的利用, 卻忽略了全面地提升英語文能力的優勢機會, 未能積極地將新世代的英語文使用能力, 全面地提升到可流暢使用的程度.
Looking back at our development of the four little dragons in Asia, we (Taiwan) were originally exposed earlier to the advanced science and technology of the modern era, making us industrialized earlier than the neighboring countries. However been immersed on the use of cheap labor in mainland China and Southeast Asia for decades, but ignored the opportunity to comprehensively improve the English language ability, and have not been able to actively promote the English language application ability of the new generation to the extent that it can be used smoothly.

我們現在的制度, 可能每年只能培養一個年齡層中的約3-5%的語文精英, 即每年約有3000- 5000新人, 而新加坡,香港全民絕大多數, 都是英語文精英,即每年約有100,000-150,000新人, 這些人力可以無障礙地從事全球貿易, 快速閱讀全球科技文獻, 與全球各地文化交流. 相形之下, 我們的人力數量及質量是完全不成比例的, 也無怪乎很大一部份國際公司亞洲總部都在新加坡,香港, 大陸, 我們只能當二手區域代理, 利潤掌握在他人手上.
Our current system may only cultivate about 3-5% of the language elites in an age group, that is, about 3,000-5,000 new people each year, while Singapore, Hong Kong, the vast majority of the people, are all English-speaking elites. There are about 100,000-150,000 new people every year. These people can engage in global trade without barriers, quickly read global scientific literature, and communicate with cultures around the world. In contrast, the quantity and quality of our people is completely disproportionate, and it is no wonder that most of the international companies in Asia are headquartered in Singapore, Hong Kong, and mainland China. We can only act as second-hand regional agents, and profits are in the hands of others.

英語文的充份使用能力雖只是現代生活的一部份, 也非萬能, 但它確是非常關鍵, 不能以漫不經心或傲漫敷衍的心態來面對.  我們必須儘早建立好明確的, 整體的, 宏觀的英語文應用目標的及教育政策的定位, 同時必須在短期及中長期的規劃中, 儘可能地致力於整體實務的發展 ! 
否則相對於 新加坡, 香港, 韓國的國民所得及國際及國內競爭力, 恐有可能是差距還是越拉越大, 甚至過了10-20年後, 連高喊民族主義的中國大陸的英語文及國際化程度, 都有可能超越我們. 我們也將必須冒著任憑我們全體國民再怎麼勤奮努力, 都無法有效平衡與這些日益擴大的差距的風險.
Although the full use of English is only part of modern life, it is not a panacea, but it is indeed very important and cannot be faced with a careless or proud attitude. We must establish a clear, holistic, macro-level application target and orientation of education policy of English as soon as possible, and at the same time, promoting it in the short-term and medium-term overall practice planning in the most effective way !
Otherwise, relative to the national income and international and domestic competitiveness with Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc., it may be that the gap is getting bigger and bigger, that even after 10-20 years, the English and extent of internationalization from China, a shouting nationalism, may likely to surpass us, that we may need to have risk regardless the extensive hard working from all our citizens, and we cannot effectively balance the risks of these growing gaps.

但經費及資源都是很有限的, 如何用最有效率的方式, 善用有限的經費及資源, 使我們能更快速, 更有效率地提升中小學, 大學及全民的英語文使用能力, 使我們在10年內, 每年可培養約新世代內50-80%比例的人的良好的語文能力, 即每年約50,000- 80,000,
達成足夠前瞻的整體能力, 確實是最關鍵的決定性因素之一.
However, the funds and resources are always very limited and How to most efficiently use the limited funds and resources, so that we can more quickly and more efficiently improve the application ability of English from our primary and secondary schools, universities and the whole people, in order to achieve a sufficient forward-looking overall ability, is indeed one of the most critical determinants. The goal is to enable us to develop good English language proficiency for about 50-80% of the new generation in a 10-year period, which is about 50,000-80,000 per year.

我們提出的整合解決方案即: Our proposed integration solution is:

Part II:  中英辭彙對照的中小學教材 及
Chinese and English vocabulary paralleled primary and middle school textbooks)

Part III: 總預算1/100長期聘請大量美(主要),加, 以, 英師資 (1/100 Total budget for long-term employment of a large number of US (main), Canada, Israel, British teachers)  

中長期(10年內)的目標成效包括:  (淺層考慮因素)
Target performance in the medium and long term (within 10 years) includes: (shallow considerations)

1. 可大部份或完全解決大學設置過量及招生不足的問題, 因為我們有全球語文環境, 甚至可望能達到供不應求的程度.
Most or all of the problems of over-provisioning and under-enrollment in universities can be solved, because we have a global language environment, and we can even hope to reach the level of short supply.

2. 可讓我們的技職教育更發達, 技職人員可直接閱讀全球技術及設備資料, 普遍達到國際質量.
It can make our vocational education more developed. The technical staff can directly read the global technology and equipment materials, and generally achieve international quality.

3. 可讓我們的觀光及文化交流真正的全球化, 真正可以穩定地, 自主地提升觀光收入 !
Let our tourism and cultural exchanges truly globalized, and truly increasing the tourism income in a stable and independent way !

4. 更有效能地提升本地及全球人際的互相瞭解及互助合作的能力.
More effective ability to enhance mutual understanding and mutual cooperation between local and global people.

In-depth considerations for English language life and learning environment

1. 主動學習全球通用語言, 促進人類溝通品質, 使人類社會更能和平, 專注在更有幫助的發展方向.
1. Actively learn the global language, promote the quality of human communication, make human society more peaceful, and focus on more helpful development directions.

2. 英語文 的完全符號化(而非象型文字), 詳細區分的時態, 時制, 使其能很明確地進行多層次主從及排比等句構的表達,
在初接觸時這樣的語文架構時, 因為是依照明確的文法邏輯來表達, 在剛開使會覺得繁鎖, 但等初步理解後, 即可在其較明確的文法及邏輯架構的搭載下, 進行精確有效率的表達.
這樣的語文架構要素, 在符號邏輯, 數學推理, 科學原理的深入溝通表述是尤其是絕對必要的.
這應該是古代歐洲主要文明地區的學者專家就已有深刻的意識及體認, 並且努力逐步建構起來的 !
The complete symbolization of English text (instead of pictographic text), the detailed distinction between tense and time system, so that it can realize the expressions of multi-level master-slave and parellel language structures very clearly. In the initial contact of such language structure, because it is expressed in accordance with the clear grammar logic, it will feel cumbersome when it is just begining, but after preliminary understanding, accurate and efficient expressions can be efficiently carried by its clear grammar and logical structure.

Such language architecture elements are especially necessary, especially for in-depth communication of symbolic logic, mathematical reasoning, and scientific principles, and the language structure should ahve been originated from profound consciousness and recognition of scholars and experts in the major civilized areas of ancient Europe, while they have strived gradually build up!

試試想, 在面對深入的符號邏輯, 數學推理, 的科學及技術探討時, 英文的符號型態及其多層次主從及排比等句構的表達, 能有效能地映射到這些邏輯推理的意象.
然而用象型文字則只能將這些多層次主從及排比等句構, 拆解3-5倍數量的簡單的線性語句來加以表達, 因此, 其直觀的傳遞, 理解, 及吸收記憶的效果明顯的是不夠有效率的.
因此, 可以推想到, 在這樣的大環境下, 任何人即便是天賦特別好, 甚至自創一套強化的符號來加強象型文字的弱點, 以其一己之力, 是很難以在外界整體現實的語文環境下持續成長發展及進化其研發深度, 結果是曇花一現的情況似乎是可預期的, 華人很多的科技文明發展史就是最好的見證 !

Imagine, in the face of in-depth symbolic logic, mathematical reasoning, scientific and technical exploration, the expression of English with symbolic form and its multi-level master-slave and paralell structures can be effectively mapped to the imagery of these logical reasoning.
While, in the case of pictographs, these multi-level master-slave and parallel structured sentences it can only be expressed by disassembling into simple linear statements, that is 3-5 times the number of these multi-level master-slave and parallel structured sentences, and hence it is obviously not efficient enough for intuitive transmission, understanding, and absorption of memory in most aspects.
Therefore, it can be inferred that in such a large environment, even if the talent is particularly good, or even create a set of enhanced symbols to strengthen the weakness of the pictogram, With its own strength, it is difficult to continue to grow and evolve its research and development depth in the language environment of the overall reality. The result is that the short-lived situation seems to be predictable. The history of the development of many Chinese scientific and technological civilizations is the best testimony!.

由此可知, 英語文成是近代科學發展的主要載體, 應是相輔相成的關係, 就不難理解了 ! 因此, 可以推想, 若沒有古代歐洲文明的努力, 抽離了(缺少了)英語文這樣的語文架構環境, 恐怕也就不會有近代(800年來) 的科學, 人文的發展成就(包括民主的普世價值).

It is thus not difficult to understand and known that English is the main carrier of modern scientific development, and it should be complementary !
And, therefore, it can be inferred that without the efforts of ancient European civilization that have built the dedicated English language structure and evironment, it would be afraid that there will be no modern (800 years) science, human development achievements (including the universal value of democracy) !

3. 亞洲近數十年來的發展, 基本上都是站在近代科學及民主發展的文明上發生的. 如果抽離了這些原素, 這個地區應該還會停留在清末狀態, 無法預期有何改變的 ! 由此明確得知, 我們台灣積要極建立好(中)英文應用及學習環境的淺層目的是為了提升全民能力, 而深層原因則是因為英語文結構是最適合科學及民主文明發展的符號載體, 有其不可或缺的深層原動力及原創能力. 因此, 我們不能貪圖依賴只想依賴或搭近數十年來中國進步狀態的便車, 而怠略了儘早建立本地英語文學習及應用能力的重要性 ! 所以全面提升全民英語文能力, 絕不是好高務遠, 而是基於全面深入的認知與考量的結果,更不是狹隘的民族情結的好惡與趨避衝突的 !

The development of Asia in recent decades has basically taken place in the civilization of modern science and democratic development, If part or all of these elements were taken away, the area should essentially stay in the state of the late Qing Dynasty, and you can't expect any change! It is thus clear that our shallow purposes for building up a good (Chinese) English application and learning environment is for enhancing the ability of the whole people, while our deep purpose being because the English structure is the symbol carrier most suitable for the development of science and democratic civilization, and it has its indispensable deep motive force and original ability. Therefore, we can't covet or relying on China's progressive state of the past few decades, that may obscure the importance of establishing local English learning and application skills as early as possible!

所以提升全民英語文能力, 絕不是好高務遠不切實際, 而是基於全面深入的認知與考量的結果,更不是狹隘的民族情結的好惡與趨避衝突的 !

Therefore, to improve the English language ability of the whole people is by no means unrealistic, but based on the results of comprehensive and in-depth cognition and consideration, and it is not even the likes and dislikes of the narrow national complex!

How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky

Part II:
(Chinese and English vocabulary paralleled primary and middle school textbooks)

前瞻計畫不能全部都投注在硬體設施上, 因為只有強調硬體設施, 全民的全球競爭及合作能力並沒有本質上的提升, 大多數人民在兩岸及全球全球環境中仍然是處於弱勢的. 因此, 前瞻計畫不能全部都下注在硬體設施上, 而是必須投入 1/5 - 1/3經費在短,中, 及長期提升全民基本能力上面. 全民基本能力夠強了, 要支持數倍的前瞻計畫預算是更有能力的. "中英辭彙對照的中小學教材 " 是最強而有力的前瞻計畫不可或缺的一部分.

The forward-looking plans cannot be all bet on hardware facilities, scince if we had only hardware facilities emphasized, our global competition and cooperation capabilities of the whole people would not been substantially improved, which would still keep most people in a weak position in the cross-strait and global global environment. Therefore, the forward-looking plans cannot be all bet on the hardware facilities, but must invest 1/5 - 1/3 of the funds to improve the basic ability of the whole people in the short, medium and long terms arragements. When our basic ability of the whole people is strong enough, we can have more capable for supporting several times of forward-looking plans budgets. The " ???" enviroments is an indispensable part of the most powerful and powerful forward-looking plans.

個別族群的利益固然應獲得尊重與保障, 而且不合時宜, 不合理的規範固然必須不斷地檢討改進, 但有些事情是大環境的因素與慣性, 必須有宏觀的規劃。 一個國家(一群人)的競爭力及創新能力是達成所有良好理念與實務的必要基礎. 英語文要用到什麼程度, 是一個超越族群利益與分配合理的因素, 這需要每一個人理性地去思考, 而不能只是考慮到局部族群的利益.....

Although the interests of individual social groups should be respected and guaranteed, and also untimely, unreasonable norms, of course must continue to be and reviewed and improved, But some things are  environment factors and inertia, there must be a macro planning.
The country (group of people) competitiveness and innovation capacity is  the necessary foundation for realization of all good ideas and practices.
To what extent the English to use is factors beyond social groups interests reasonable allocation that requires everyone to think rationally, and not just taking into account the interests of the local social groups .....

我們必須徹底提升全民的國際競爭能力的最基本條件, 讓全民不畏懼引進或開放全球各層次的人才及人力,
也讓我們有接近於英國,美國,澳洲,加拿大等英語系國家的語文環境, 成為全球留學, 科學研究, 產業合作, 文明提升的最有發展能力的地方之一.

We must complete the most basic conditions to enhance the international competitiveness of the whole people, Let the people do not fear the introduction or open all levels of global talent and manpower. It also allows us closer to the UK, US, Australia, Canada and other English-speaking countries the language environment, and to be one of the world place with most development capacity on the study, scientific research, industrial cooperation, civilized promotion.

實際上, 我們能同時熟悉華語及英語文, 必然比只有熟悉華語或英語文, 在全球科技研發, 產業發展, 及國際交流合作等有更好的基礎.

In fact, we can at the same time familiar with Chinese and English languages,
and must have better foundation in global R&D, Industrial development, and international exchanges and cooperation than familiar with Chinese or English only.

我們不需羨慕歐美的語文,科技,人文等的良好環境。努力把自己建設起來, 就有自己良好環境了.
任何人不會畏懼來自全球各層次的人才及人力的競爭 ! 長期目標是使華人及東方國家雙語化.

We do not need to envy Europe languages, science and technology, culture and other good environment, but we need to build ourselves up and there is a good environment for ourselves. Any person will free from the worry of competition from all levels of global talent and manpower. The Long-term goal is to make the Chinese and Eastern countries bilingualism.

從小學, 國中, 高中全部各科教本均加入中英辭彙對照表及中英對照頁. 要成為一個有競爭力的先進文化與科技文明的國家, 除中文要熟悉以外, 我們還要積極地具備良好的英文能力, 如此更能能讓我們的科技研發更順暢, 國際專利的取得數量也可大量增加10-100倍, 對華人世界有更好的引導與幫助.

From primary school, high school, junior, all textbooks are paralleled with English vocabulary.
To be a competitive advanced culture and technological civilization country. We need to actively build good English skills In addition to familiar with our Chinese. It may better and let our science and technology R & D more smooth, 10-100 fold to increase the number of international patent acquisition, with better guidance and help to the Chinese world.

除英文課外, 各科都採教材都採中英對照, 但不考其英文部份, 其目的在於以軟性訴求, 提供青年學子正確認知, 正確的估計個別差異狀況態, 早及時體會到英文學習所須的龐大時間及心力, 及規劃時間的運用與安排.

In addition to English classes, textbook of all subjects are taken bilingual, but the English part are not for formal test. Its purpose is to provide young students with correct understanding, to correct estimate individual differences, and to experience the huge time and effort on English learning as early as possible for planning and arrangements and application times.

我們應提供青年學子更多的是認知的機會(軟性接觸), 而不必做太過硬性的灌輸與考試.
We should provide young students more opportunities to cognitive (soft contact), without having to do too rigid indoctrination and exams.

Top University in Taiwan Demands Fully English Courses to Attract Foreign Students
(台灣頂級大學需要全英語課程, 以吸引留學生)


Part III: 總預算1/100長期聘請大量美(主要),加, 以, 英師資 
(1/100 Total budget for long-term employment of a large number of US (main), Canada, Israel, British teachers)

前瞻計畫及國防預算總加起來數兆, 但不能全部都投注在硬體設施上, 因為光有硬體設施, 全民的全球競爭及合作能力並沒有本質上的提升.
然而只要總預算的1/100, 即可長期聘請大量美(主要),加, 以, 英等英語文最標準來源國家的師資.
每年約需200億,約可聘請 2-3萬名師資(三代以上原居地者, 不包括華人), 參與中小學各科目的教學, 即配合 "Part II:中英辭彙對照的中小學教材"的進行.  這樣的成本相對是很低的, 其直接及間接的效益卻是最高的.

The forward-looking plan and the defense budget add up to several trillions, however, we cannot be all bet on hardware facilities, scince if we had only hardware facilities emphasized, our global competition and cooperation capabilities of the whole people would not been substantially improved.
While just 1/100 of our total budget is required that we can hire a large number of teachers from US (major), Canada, Israel, British and other Standard English-speaking countries.
It needs about 20 billion per year for about hiring 20-30 thousands of teachers (three generations or more of the original place of residence, and does not include Chinese), to participate the teaching of all subjects in primary and secondary schools. That is, in conjunction for conducting the of "Part II: Chinese and English vocabulary paralleled primary and middle school textbooks" project.
This kind of cost is relatively very low, but the direct or indirect benefits are the highest.

此項目的目的是全方位的 :
The purpose of this project is comprehensive:

1. 加速全民及中小學英語文應用能力, 進而全面推升高等教育的深度與質量, 全面提升全體國民在基礎科學, 科技產業, 管理, 商務, 觀光及服務業的創新及全球佈局的合作與競爭能力.

Accelerate the application of English in primary and secondary schools, and then promote the depth and quality of higher education in all aspects, and comprehensively enhance the innovation, global cooperation and competitiveness of all nationals in the basic science, technology production, management, business, tourism and service fileds and industries.
Our goal is to enable the new generation to use English in the general life and its professional fields without difficulty within 10 years..

2. 促進台美等更好的人民, 產業, 國家及政治經濟的合作質量
萬名師資的10-30年持續互動, 能更密切地連結台美等數十萬到百萬的個人, 家庭及事業的互助及合作, 其效益絕對遠大於語文教學的單一面向.

Promote better cooperations between people, industry, countries, and politics with US and countries Via the continuous interaction of 20-30 thousands teachers for 10-30 years, we can buch more closely link for individual, family, and businesses cooperation between hundreds of thousands to millions of individuals from US and Taiwan etc. The benefits are far greater than the single orientation of language teaching.

3.促進觀光合作, 雙向事業合作, 及國際視野
由於2-3萬名師資10-20年持續地對台灣的深度認識與參與, 可以直接或間接地吸引台美等數十萬到百萬的親友來本地深度旅遊, 同時更能增進雙向的事業合作, 及增進國際視野, 能見度及認同的程度. 

Promotions of tourism cooperation, two-way business cooperation, and international perspective
Thanks to the 20-30 thousands teachers with continuous deep understanding and participation in Taiwan for 10-20 years, it can directly or indirectly attract hundreds of thousands of millions of relatives and friends for in-depth local tourism. At the same time, it can enhance the two-way business cooperation and enhance the international vision, visibility and recognition.

4. 更能強化台美等國防及國家安全的互相支持的程度
經由 10-30年持續聘請2-3萬名美加等師資的持續聘請, 能在軍備的購買及台灣關係法以外, 建立更密切的國防及國家安全的共同目標. 

Much better strengthen the mutual support of national defense and national security between Taiwan and the United States etc.
By the persistently hiring of 20-30 thousands teachers from the United States and Canada etc. through 10-30 years, we can establish a common goal of closer national defense and national security in addition to the purchase of armaments and the Taiwan Relations Act.

5. 提供服務達到5年, 言行良好 的這 2-3萬名師資 中華民國國籍,
使其能用心, 密切及踏實地投入其生涯規劃及發展, 同時也展現我們是一個積極追求及堅持民主,科學等普世價值的優質國家.

Grant Nationality Identity of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to these 20-30 thousands teachers who have service for 5 years and have nice words and deeds,
So that they can work hard and closely and pragmatically invest in their career planning and development. It also shows that we are a very well qualified country who can actively accepting the universal science of democracy values.
At the same time, we also show that we are a very good quality country that actively pursues and adheres to the universal values of science, democracy etc.

如果您覺得這些觀點與構想有可能產生相當程度的幫助, 呈請您能惠予肯定, 指正及支持. 更期待有機會與您請益討論, 後續可進行小型的討論會,以及足夠成熟的公聽會及公民投票提案等. 期待與大家共同致力於更好的語文及整體環境的優化建構.

If you think these ideas and conception may produce a considerable degree of help, we need your confirmation,correction and support. And we look forward to the opportunity to discussion and benefits, and small seminars, and public hearing and referendum proposals when it is mature enough to practice.
We look forward to working together to better optimize our  language and the overall environment construction.


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