ChromManager Features  

with reference to Chromeleon Chromatography Data System 

In this reference, we compare the key features and advantages of our Chromatography Data System, the ChromManager with the Chromeleon, that is the famous leader among the high performance Chromatography Data System products.

The Chromeleon is one of the most powerful and smart chromatography data system, and is well known for most suppliers and experienced users.  

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Chromeleon 7.1 Chromatography Data System

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In this reference, we list the key features and advantages of Chromeleon paralleled with the compared features and advantages of our chromatography data system, the ChromManager.
The user may build a clear selection guide from this reference and comparison :

Key Features and Advantages



  • Enjoy Operational Simplicity

Dedicated tab pages provide instant access to the Queue of injection sequences. The Data category of the console displays a standard navigation tree. Folders can be easily organized and rearranged to fit project needs.

The thumbnail images next to the injections provide an instant visual summary of the acquired chromatograms, and enable analysts to evaluate data at a glance.


With the Sample Sequence (folder) of ChromManager, each set of samples (ie. a sequence) are stored inside and managed by a Sequence Window that is the user interface for user interactivities. 

More than one Sequence Windows can be opened corresponding to each sequences.

A Sample Plate object are included in the sample in the Sequence Window. Both thumbnail images and preview images are available, and alternative Sample List view is also available.


  • Streamline Your Workflow

The Dionex Chromeleon™ 7 eWorkflow framework reduces the number of steps needed to perform chromatography workflows, and also ensures that procedural rules and guidelines are followed accurately.

These benefits are important for routine analyses in quality control and compliance monitoring, but eWorkflows also help with common R&D and method development tasks, such as column scouting, gradient development, and method validation.


The Workflow management of ChromManager is advantages integrated from the Sample Sequence system, the more automated in-line computing power, and the easier and more intuitive WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) report layouts system as stated in the following items.

ChromManager can integrated with auto-sampler to run batched samples with automatic data acquisition, peak recognition, assay calculation and report output, etc.


Speed Up Data Analysis

It correctly integrates all types of chromatograms using just a few simple parameters. Values for the parameters are set quickly and easily using a wizard that prompts the user to:

l         Define the integration range

l         Select the narrowest peak to be integrated

l         Select the smallest peak to be integrated

When the user selects an option, SmartPeaks adds the corresponding parameters and values to the processing method, so that the desired treatment can be automatically applied across multiple chromatograms.

When an instant view of data trends such as retention times of a component over a sequence, or even several months, is required then Chromeleon 7.1¡¦s interactive charting is the easiest way to get there. The user simply selects one or more columns in any of the interactive result tables and clicks Result Charts in the ribbon. Chromeleon immediately creates a chart that is interactively linked with the chromatogram plot and the result tables.


Many flexible and easy to use peak recognition and filtering parameters are available.

The Minimum Peak Area size filter is the most used parameter, the Minimum Peak Width the second, and many other parameter could be applied in specially cases.

Multiple- integration time ranges could be specified for one or all chromatograms.

Multiple- Fixed peak time ranges could be specified for one or all chromatograms that will take peaks accord to the Fixed peak time ranges specified.

A summary report is available, and could be exported for more dedicated usages, such as for Laboratory Information Management System, EXCEL  remote data report.

All columns could be selected, including properties for column efficiency trend monitoring, as Retention Time, Asymmetry, Resolution, Capacity Factor, Plate Number, and S/N Ratio, etc.


  • Multiple Instrument Control
Chromeleon 7.1 not only controls Dionex IC and LC instruments but also LC instruments from manufacturers such as Agilent, Shimadzu, and Waters. This includes support for gas chromatographs. Dionex is committed to providing customers with a large variety of drivers for instruments from different vendors and will update Chromeleon 7.1¡¦s driver portfolio in subsequent releases.


The ChromManager is new to the global market, with the very powerful functions and performances and far less cost available than other high-end systems.

We have capacity to and ready to support the data system for any globally or local provide chromatography instrument manufacturers, including the integration of Sample Preparation systems, etc.


  • More Automated Computing Power


The dynamic automatic computing, is the goal of our efforts, including:    

l         Dynamic in-line Component peaks discrimination and area calculation.

l         Dynamic in-line search of the component peaks according         to standard time ranges set.

l         Dynamic in-line statistical average calculation for component peaks from repeated sample injections.

l         Dynamic in-line standard curve indexing for unknown sample assay.

l         Automatic correlated data reprocessing and calculation for user manual steps.


  • Ensure Compliance

All data are stored in Data Vaults, which are secure storage containers based on a database (SQL Server Express, SQL Server, or Oracle) in conjunction with a secured file storage system.

Objects in the file system can only be accessed through Chromeleon's Data Vault Service, which controls transactions and ensures that only authorized personnel can access the objects.

Chromeleon 7.1's access control is provided by a User Management system that is flexible, secure, and customizable. Users are defined with privileges, roles, and access groups.

Over one hundred individual privileges can be assigned, so administrators have fine control over what users can do.

Chromeleon releases 7.1 and beyond provide complete, flexible System Suitability Testing, so you can easily incorporate performance checks in the daily sequences you use to analyze samples. In addition to common tests like those for peak shape and reproducibility, you can include any number of customized tests based on any of Chromeleon's extensive set of result variables.

Chromeleon 7 provides comprehensive and detailed audit trails for all data objects and instruments. A daily instrument controller log shows all activities related to instruments. The audit trails can be sorted, grouped, and/or filtered to allow for a quick review of relevant information.


With one Sample Sequence, all raw data and derived results of each set samples are stored into a dedicated file folder, and managed through one Sequence Window of ChromManager.

The user needs not to care about the file names for each chromatograms, peak tables, standard information, assay calculation data, and report layouts etc.

The use can only access the sequence through the Sequence Window user interface, that will maintain the data integrity, portability and security. 

In contrast to complex security and audit functions packages, the ChromManager maintains simple, light weighted access control and modification records.

One ¡§User account¡¨ has not necessarily to be created. No User account is allowed for all access privileges for simple application circumstances.

Each user account could be assigned with privileges, such as:

l         Account Management

l         Instrument Configures

l         Instrument Dating

l         Instrument Connections

l         Sequence New

l         Sequence Open

l         Sequence Save

l         Print Report

Also, the modification logs (records) are also available while no user account have been created.

The system and each Sample Sequence maintain dedicated their modification logs.

Most modification logs are sub-event that could be classified into one access privileges class.


  • Deliver Results

The spreadsheet format for report design affords a comfortable, familiar interface for users. Chromeleon¡¦s built-in user management tools allow administrators to decide who can customize reports.

The reports can be customized with company logo, additional run, sample, and instrument variables, and text and pictures to fulfill organization requirements.

Include chromatograms, peak analyses, calibration curves, validation results, sequence summaries and more.

Ribbon controls enable easy addition of all report elements. Just select an area on the spreadsheet and choose the object to insert.


All versions of the ChromMnager have common rich report layout capabilities. In the ChromManager6.n, it is further improved to become the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) state, that is, the print layout displays all the graph and data objects that are defined by the user directly without any preview steps, resulting a completely integration of the layout of printed objects and preview user interfaces that is very intuitive and easy to use.

More than 50 context sensitive report elements options could be selected into the Layout pages, including to image as customized with company logo, averaged sample peak table, specific ranged chromatograms, Calibration curve and data,  sequence summary data, or GPC specific chromatograms that combined with Calibration curve, etc.

A Simple Print command also provided for simplified report with no layout demands.


  • GPC Molecular Weight Calculations


For GPC and SEC applications, the ChromManager6.n have been built-in now, with all the automated computing powers as that for generic GC, HPLC, CE applications as well.

The ChromManager6.n is further designed to reach the most automated computing capabilities to save time for user. The flexibilities and easy to use functions have clearly be extended beyond the expectation and impressions for traditional users.


  • Cost effective
High Cost Middle to low cost with very high-end and easy to use function and performances that is very helpful cost to user's budget.


  • Quickly produce version IN YOUR LANGUAGE
NA The ChromManager could be much very easily and quickly to be processed to produce the ChromManager68 IN YOUR LANGUAGE in few hours by the user.  For example : English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, German, Korean, Thai, Latin, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian,etc.


Our novel system is packaged with dedicated 24-bit data acquisition box with USB-PC connection
 , and could be connected to HPLC, GC, GPC, IC, CE, AAA
, with compatible GPC calculation capability built-in.

The ChromManager68 system is designed and produced in ABDC. We have more than 15 years experience in the development of Chromatography data acquisition system that help us to produce
the novel ChromManager68 system with the accumulated user demands into the much detailed data structures and user interfaces.

The system is implemented with the Microsoft programming tool , and is very easy to use, yet remains very smart and powerful.

In addition to the very high-end system performance and functions
, we have very helpful cost to meet the user's budget, and we have an 30% discount for the first demo package. Welcome to correspond with us for more information.

Also, we are interested to integrate the ChromManager with your HPLC, IC, or Sample Preparation instrument system controls if available.