Scratch Test(微奈壓刮痕及塗層膜厚磨損測試設備)

CSM Scratch Testers are dedicated instruments for characterizing the surface mechanical properties of thin films and coatings, e.g. adhesion, fracture and deformation. The scratch tester's ability to characterize the film-substrate system and to quantify parameters such as friction and adhesive strength, using a variety of complementary methods, makes it an invaluable tool for research, development and quality control.

CSM  的刮痕測試設備是專用於測定薄膜及鍍層的表面機械性質特徵的儀器. 使用各種互補的方法, 這些刮痕測試設備在測定 薄膜--基材 的特徵以及在如摩擦力及附著力等參數定量的能力,  使其成為一個用於研究, 發展及品質管制上具有無限價值的工具.

This technique involves generating a controlled scratch with a sharp tip on a selected area. The tip material (commonly diamond or hard metal (WC)) is drawn across the coated surface under constant, incremental or progressive load.
At a certain critical load the coating will start to fail. The critical loads are very precisely detected by means of an acoustic sensor (MST_微微刮痕測試機 & RST) attached to the load arm but can also be confirmed and collated with observations from a built-in optical microscope.

這項技術涉及以一個探針, 在所選的面積製造出一個受到控制的刮痕.
在某一臨界的負載時, 鍍膜層會開始失效. 這些臨界的負載, 以聲音感應器的方法(MST 及RST)精確地被偵測到. 聲音感應器被連在加載臂上, 但仍然能由內建的光學顯微鏡的觀察來進行確認與核對.

The critical load data is used to quantify the adhesive properties of different film - substrate combinations. 
In addition to acoustic emission, the Scratch Testers measure the applied normal force, the tangential (friction) force and the penetration depth. These parameters, together with the acoustic emission data, provide the mechanical signature of the coating system.

此臨界的負載數據即是用來定量不同 薄膜--基材 組合的附著力性質.
除了聲音的發出以外, 此刮痕測試設備量測所施加的法線力量, 切線力量(磨擦), 以及穿透的深度. 這些參數
, 聲音發出的數據合起來, 提供了鍍膜系統的特徵簽章.

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- High-Vacuum Tribometer for MoS2 alloy characterization
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(結合 NHT/SFM 用矽材料的特徵測定)

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( 以 MST 控制磁應碟在陶磁基材上的附著)
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(用CSM's Revetest微刮痕測試機於Rockwell 壓痕測試)  
- Hard coating characterization with the Revetest 
(用CSM的 Revetest 作堅硬披覆層的特徵量測).